XLX508 Digital Amateur Radio Multiprotocol Gateway Ostwestfalen

!!! News about the deployed and planed extentions updated. Status: 02.08.21 !!!

This gateway provides support for DStar, DMR BM, DMR+ and C4FM, as well as Icom G3 Terminal and Peanut with realtime transcoding

Also Dudestar and Droidstar and the BlueDV Software by PA7LIM is supported but needs its own transcoder for DStar.

So be careful using it only with a real Hardware transcoder like an AMBE 3000 Transcoder.

A real Crosslink Gateway from all common digital networks.

!!! please read the Crosslinking Info and Transcoding Info!!!

Welcome to the XLX508 OWL Gateway

The XLX508 is created by Stefan (HB9GFX/DG9BDI) and his son Julian to deliver Digital Amateur Radio Services to connect the world together.

This Gateway is installed and dedicated to the DARC OV N08 Herford and the area Ostwestfalen.

The XLX508 is located at the MyLoc Data Center in DĂĽsseldorf with two 10Gbit and a tunneled 1Gbit connection to service it to/from the internet.

There are several "routes" available right now which connects the XLX508 to the internet.

Julian prepaired a new router which is a Dell D420 Server and a new Juniper Switch which delivers the 1GBit and the 2x 10Gbit connectivity.

The two 10Gbit connections are established to serve the conections from and to the repeaters and hotspots. The 1Gbit connection is established to garant the access to maintain the Servers.

There should be not any connecting issues coming from the XLX508. If you have issues check your open ports and stability of your connection to the internet first.

From time to time the XLX508 can be out of order due to maintenance. There will be no "warning" if it goes offline. This happens due to maintaining the router to deliver the best possible connection experience.

For the best possible connection my so Julian trys to peer with all the big internet providers and we establsihed already a big amount of peers. But always if we add a new route it could be that the system goes offline for a while.

Therefore be not disappointed if the XLX508 is not reachable or is going offline for some seconds or minutes.

The Service is provided by my son Julian and me (HB9GFX/DG9BDI) and we do this free of charge.

But be aware, the XLX508 is a private non commercial project and there is no warrenty or garant of any provided services.

We cannot control any traffic coming thru and therefore we will not be responsible for anything what is transmitted.

Traffic (Frame Packets but no content) is only logged and stored for 2 days (last day and actual day from 0.00AM to 11.59PM) for bug finding.

The data is not provided to anyone else.

Only the last 10 records are shown in the online log and open to everyone.

Always the oldest of the 10 records disappear when a new one is written.

Every usage belongs to the user connecting to XLX508 and these users are responsible for the content of the transmission.

We are just providing a cross connect point, the transportation and the translation from one modus to another.

The XLX508 delivers a cross connect point for DStar, DMR, C4FM and Peanut by PA7LIM.

Real transcoding from DMR BM and DMR+ to DStar, from C4FM to DStar and DMR BM and DMR+ as well as from DStar to C4FM or DMR BM and DMR+ is possible.

7 transcoder channels are available that QSOs from all 4 Modes at the same time in one module are possible.

This means stations in DStar, DMR and C4FM and Peanut can talk to each other in real time.

The only requirement is at this moment, that there are not more than 3 modules in use for transcoding.

Otherwise the decoder works as: first come - first serve.

This means, if the transcoders are occupied (2 needed at the time to translate from one modus to the other)

The traffic of transcoding on the module which came latest is blocked for this moment.

Try to use the transcoders only on 3 modules at the time. This helps to not get collissions.

The XLX508 is peered with many other XLX Gateways to deliver a crossconnection on some of the modules. This means as example you are connected to module D you are also connected to the Swiss Digital Amateur Radio Network and heard on most of the Swiss Repeaters in DMR, Dstar or C4FM. See the Peers Page to get the peering info, which moduls are linked to which XLX and the corresponding modules.

Click the Modules Description to get the Description of each peered module.

Everyone is welcome to use the services.

Please be so kind and follow the rules related to Amateur Radio and to the requirements of Digital Amateur Radio and this gateway.

If you do not agree to these rules, please leave this page and don't use the service.

Be kind and be not offensive to other people.

Let them know if they do something wrong but with feeling and without being offensive and kindly point out the grievance.

Do not use the XLX508 for any propaganda or for commercial use.

It is offered only for Amateur Radio purpose and only for people owning a valid amateur radio license.

For sure listening thru XLX508 is allowed also for people without a license.

If we find out any miss-usage which comes thru XLX508 we reserve the right to block this user by Call Sign, DMR ID and also if nessesarry the IP address.

Only if missusing is coming thru a repeater, hotspot or another gateway for a longer periode we will block the repeater, hotspot or gateway as well.

See the Help Page for more details.

For more about the crosslinking/transcoding see the Crosslinking and Transcoding Info Pages.

But now have fun using XLX508.

73 de HB9GFX/DG9BDI Stefan