Module Info Users Peers
AInternational1XLX600, XLX040, XLX444, XLX433, XLX229, XLX019, XLX905, XLX030, XLX787, XLX185, XLX886, XLX034, XLX699, XLX012
BRegional OWL - Ausweich Modul0
CNational - Germany0
DLink to XLX229D-Switzerland0XLX022, XLX229, XLX328, XLX828, XLX232
EIcom Picture Exchange0XLXCAT, XLX227, XLX421, XLX012, XLX802, XLX555
FReflector Tirol0XLX229, XLX905, XLX232
GBridge DStar-XLX508G, DMR-BM-TG26446 and C4FM-YSF19829 - Room "DE OWL" 2BM2622
JBridge DStar-XLX508J, DMR-BM-TG26447 and C4FM-YSF64446 - Room "XLX508 OWL", Peanut "XLX508J" sowie IPSC2-DL "TG8508" (DMR+) 21BM2622
Z-General Chat- (DStar,C4FM,DMR)0

In general all modules from "A-Z" are available but not shown due to they are not named. So in DStar you can access Modul A by using A(D)50801 until Z by using A(D)50826

For DMR you can refer to the description in the "help" by using Modul 4001-4026 (64001-64026)

For C4FM you can also refer to the "help" accessing the Moduls