Welcome to the XLX508 Digital Amateur Radio Multiprotocol Gateway Ostwestfalen

!!! News about the deployed and planed extentions. Status: 18.10.21 !!!

This gateway provides support for DStar, DMR BM, DMR+, C4FM and WiresX, as well as Icom G3 Terminal and Peanut with transcoding. See help pages for more infos.

With C4FM DG-ID Support on YSF26447. Every Module is reachable via DG-ID in C4FM. Please read "Help C4FM"

Also Dudestar and Droidstar and the BlueDV Software by PA7LIM is supported but needs its own transcoder for DStar. Be careful use it only with Hardware transcoder like an AMBE 3000 Transcoder.

A real Crosslink Gateway from all common digital networks. !!! please read the Crosslinking Info and Transcoding Info !!!

On Request of some friendly radio amateurs of our region I switched off the blacklist for now, to allow also HAMs without a registered ID at RadioID.net to opeate on the XLX508. This is a temporary solution and can change if to many are operating without an ID.

73 de HB9GFX/DG9BDI Stefan