At this point I would like to mention all contributors who where involved in the creation and operation of the XLX508 in any way:

LX1IQ - Luc , Creator of the XLX Software

YO2LOJ - Marius , who implemented the Icom G3 Gateway

YO3CAT - Catalin , who implemented the source for the Modules overview

Julian, my son , who helped me at changing code where I was to stupid to do it :-) and who delivers the host and connection for this gateway.

DL4YCC - Klaus , who always gave good tips and who made good requests

DG9YIB - Rolf , who checked the completeness

DC2PI - Lars , who deliverd parts of the help for the YSF usage

and many others who where there for X-reading

Thanks to all the people mentioned in this text.

73 de Stefan